Join Luminor

Come to Luminor, where we offer you a unique opportunity to literally build a local banking champion

Why you should join Luminor

Our culture is built based on our core belief that we are changing lives through banking – Luminor is here to empower people to make smart financial decisions. Whoever you are, and whatever your role is, with Luminor you will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to literally build a local banking champion. This comes with the power and possibilities to deconstruct and model not only the traditional roles and functions in this business, but the entire approach to how we do banking.

Rewards and Benefits

People at Luminor are doing a tremendous work and the key to our success depends on their excellence, determination and wellbeing. Therefore, we reward and support them with competitive benefits and incentives focusing on financial, emotional, and physical wellbeing

Flexible work environment and work from abroad

Flexible work environment is now part of our culture. Flexible working hours and remote working will help to plan your tasks in a way that you can avoid overtime and achieve work-life balance. Working remotely can also mean working from anywhere in EU, Switzerland, UK, Iceland not only within the Baltic states!

Benefits & Incentives

Empowering our people to find the ways that work best for them is essential for maximizing their effort at work and life. Luminor benefits focus on employees’ health, safety and wellbeing.

Flexible benefits

  • Extra vacation of two days;
  • Upgrade of health insurance;
  • Employer's contributions to the Employee's 3rd pillar pension plan managed by Luminor.

Fixed benefits

  • Additional week of vacation;
  • Health insurance;
  • Special offers for Luminor services and products.

Performance Management

At Luminor, we believe in continuous performance development approach focused on fostering and supporting on-going feedback culture. 

are three very important building blocks on which Luminor performance is built. This is a culture where people are comfortable in having open and honest discussions about the impact their actions have on team performance and company success, and what they can change and develop to be more effective and successful in their roles.

Career Development

A career at Luminor offers outstanding growth opportunities through learning and career advancement


Leadership development

Luminor provides a leadership development framework with an aim to develop leaders’ competences and strengthen our leadership culture to increase the ability to accomplish results through others. We expect Luminor leader to be a promoter who is strong in execution, in building high-performing teams and creating value for customers.
In our leadership development offering we focus on transformation from individual contributor and emerging leader to the skilled leader of others and mature leader of leaders which requires different time, skills and work values application to succeed. We strongly believe in mentorship between different roles, especially for those who are new in the organization or position. We empower women in leadership, providing them a special community.
All our leadership development activities are designed in collaboration with leading training providers from the Baltics and Europe but as well world-wide. We inspire and expand our leaders’ horizon with inviting best key-speakers from the top universities and business sector.