Build your new favourite bank and create value to its owners and stakeholders.

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What We Do

Our team of experienced professionals is controlling, evaluating and reporting insufficient regulatory compliance to the management and the board; supporting compliance at the Business Areas regarding AML/CTF and sanctions; participating in projects impacting AML/CTF and sanctions. In a complex and rapidly changing environment, compliance functions are expected to protect Luminor/ Bank. Failure to do so could result in severe consequences including reputational damage, fines, imprisonment, sanctions, breach of trust, loss of customer relationships and could ultimately negatively impact growth and profitability. All mentioned Group Compliance functions contributes to the Luminor common goal – create value to its owners and other stakeholders.

Compliance division subsist of quite a few teams that together supports and contributes to Luminor across the Baltics.
- Investigation & Technology Department
- Sanctions, Intelligence & Reporting Department
- Corporate Compliance Department
and more

The Luminor attitude:


Without curiosity, Luminor would not exist. Nobody has yet seen the future, but we have imagined it already.


Without collaboration, there’s no point in building a company—we could all be consultants.


Without focus, we waste time and resources. At Luminor it means that we will delay the future (not acceptable).

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