About us

Luminor Story

In times when the only constant thing is change, Luminor was established. A contemporary, new-generation bank and financial services provider in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a local understanding of its home markets and customer needs.

Built on the extensive experience of the two leading Nordic banks and a corporate partnership with a global investment firm - Blackstone, Luminor is the third-largest financial services provider in the Baltic region. With its customer base of 870 000 clients and its team of over 2300 professionals, Luminor aims to become a leader in its field for Baltic businesses and entrepreneurial people.

Being a Baltic company also brings the richness and cultural diversity that international organizations can offer. Luminor builds its operating model in a way which supports regional scale, business development and efficiency but also high local relevance and customer intimacy.

Our Vision

Luminor’s brand value lies in its deep relationship with its customers and services. We believe that the modern world we live and work in, we can establish a strong and customer focused culture based on our core values:


Curiosity drives the change for better tomorrow. Without curiosity, Luminor would not exist. Nobody has yet seen the future, but we have already imagined it.


Collaboration is based on trust. We praise teamwork and value team targets above individual ones. We work together to reach our goals.


With a clear purpose we are empowered to take initiative and act.